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It is difficult to determine who the most dangerous killer in India is, as there are several notorious criminals and serial killers documented in the country’s history.

It is difficult to determine who the most dangerous killer in India is, as there are several notorious criminals and serial killers documented in the country’s history. One such infamous killer is Charles Sobhraj, also known as “The Bikini Killer” or “The Serpent.” Sobhraj was a French serial killer of Indian and Vietnamese origin, active in the 1970s. He targeted young travelers, drugged and robbed them, and in some cases, killed them. Sobhraj was known for his charming demeanor, which allowed him to gain the trust of his victims before executing his brutal crimes.

According to crime historian M.P. Joseph, “Charles Sobhraj was a master manipulator who preyed on the vulnerability of tourists traveling through the Hippie Trail in South Asia. His ability to disguise himself, create false identities, and evade law enforcement for many years made him one of the most dangerous killers of his time.”

Here are some interesting facts about Charles Sobhraj:

  1. Early Life and Criminal Beginnings: Charles Sobhraj was born in Vietnam in 1944 to an Indian father and Vietnamese mother. He was known to be a troubled youth and engaged in petty thefts from an early age.

  2. Master of Disguise: Sobhraj was skilled in assuming different identities and used various passports and aliases throughout his criminal career. He often changed his appearance, making it difficult for law enforcement to track him.

  3. The Bikini Killer Murders: Sobhraj gained notoriety for his series of murders during the mid-1970s. Many of his victims were young Western tourists traveling through India, Thailand, and Nepal. He would charm them, drug them, and ultimately kill them before stealing their belongings.

  4. Arrests and Escapes: Sobhraj was arrested multiple times but managed to escape custody on several occasions. His ability to manipulate people and exploit legal loopholes aided his escape from justice for a long time.

  5. Capture and Imprisonment: In 2003, Sobhraj was finally captured in Nepal and convicted for the murders of two tourists. He is currently serving a life sentence in Nepal’s Central Jail, Kathmandu.

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While Charles Sobhraj is one example of a dangerous killer in India, there have been numerous others who wreaked havoc through their horrifying crimes. It is crucial to acknowledge and remember the victims of such heinous acts and the efforts made by law enforcement to bring these criminals to justice.


Name Alias Notable Crimes
Charles Sobhraj The Bikini Killer Murders and thefts
The Serpent

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