How should I reply to: is Aaj Tak and India today are same?

Aaj Tak and India Today are not the same. While Aaj Tak is a Hindi news channel owned by TV Today Network, India Today is a multi-media news organization that includes a magazine, a television channel, and an online news portal.

Is Aaj Tak and India today are same

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Aaj Tak and India Today: Different Entities with a Common Ownership

Aaj Tak and India Today are two prominent media entities in India, each with its own distinct platform and offerings. While it is true that both are owned by the same parent company, TV Today Network, they cater to different segments of the audience and operate through separate channels.

  1. Aaj Tak:

Aaj Tak is a Hindi news channel launched in 2000. It is one of the most-watched news channels in India, known for its real-time coverage, breaking news updates, and popular talk shows. Aaj Tak primarily focuses on delivering news and current affairs in Hindi, making it highly accessible for Hindi-speaking viewers across the country. Its tagline “Sabse Tez” (meaning “the fastest”) emphasizes its commitment to providing news in the quickest and most reliable manner.

  1. India Today:

India Today, on the other hand, is a multi-media news organization that comprises a weekly magazine, a television channel, and an online news portal. It was established in 1975 and has since become one of India’s leading news brands. India Today covers a wide range of topics including politics, business, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle. Through its various platforms, it aims to provide a comprehensive view of the latest news and happenings in the country.

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Despite their separate identities, Aaj Tak and India Today share the same parent company, TV Today Network. The network aims to cater to the diverse informational needs of the Indian audience through its different media outlets. This enables viewers and readers to choose the platform that aligns with their preferred language and mode of consumption.

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Interesting facts about Aaj Tak and India Today:

  1. Aaj Tak was the first Hindi news channel to be launched in India.
  2. India Today magazine, founded by Vidya Vilas Purie, was the first news magazine to be published in India.
  3. Aaj Tak has won numerous awards for its journalistic excellence, including several Indian Television Academy Awards.
  4. India Today was the first Indian magazine to feature an online edition.
  5. Both Aaj Tak and India Today have a significant digital presence, with millions of followers on social media platforms.
  6. Aaj Tak has been consistently ranked as one of the most-watched news channels in India.

Table highlighting the differences between Aaj Tak and India Today:

Criteria Aaj Tak India Today
Platform Hindi news channel Multi-media organization
Language Primarily Hindi English and Hindi
Focus Real-time news, current affairs Comprehensive news coverage
Tagline “Sabse Tez” (The fastest) “Truth first”
Ownership TV Today Network TV Today Network

In conclusion, Aaj Tak and India Today, while sharing the same parent company, operate as distinct entities with their own unique platforms and offerings. Aaj Tak primarily serves Hindi-speaking viewers through its Hindi news channel, whereas India Today provides comprehensive news coverage through its magazine, television channel, and online portal catering to English and Hindi audiences alike. Together, they contribute to the diverse media landscape of India, offering a range of options for news consumption.

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Which country is Aaj Tak?
Aaj Tak

Country India
Broadcast area India and international
Headquarters Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Language(s) Hindi


Who is the owner of Aaj Tak India?
Response: Living Media India Ltd
Aaj Tak news channel is owned by TV Today Network Ltd (Listed in National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange) which is a subsidiary of Living Media India Ltd. Living Media India holds 56.92% stake in TV Today Network Ltd, Aroon Purie holds 0.49% stake, the remaining 42.58% shares are owned by public.
How can I watch Aaj Tak live in USA?
As a response to this: Aaj Tak Live TV Channel On ZEE5
Get access to Aaj Tak from any corner of the world on the ZEE5 application as well as on the official website. Stream Aaj Tak hassle-free on ZEE5 in HD quality and keep a track of most followed news stories.
Who is the editor of India today?
India Today was established in 1975 by Vidya Vilas Purie (owner of Thompson Press), with his daughter Madhu Trehan as its editor and his son Aroon Purie as its publisher. At present, India Today is also published in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu.

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