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To choose marble flooring in India, consider factors such as the color and pattern that best suits your aesthetic preferences and the design of your space. Additionally, ensure you select a reputable supplier who offers high-quality marble and inquire about its durability, maintenance requirements, and pricing options.

How do I choose marble flooring in India

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Choosing marble flooring in India requires careful consideration of various factors, ensuring that the flooring not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space but also meets your practical needs. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Consider Aesthetic Preferences:

  2. Color: Select a marble color that complements the overall design scheme and ambiance you wish to create. Popular options include classic white, creamy beige, elegant gray, and bold black.

  3. Pattern: Determine the desired pattern, such as veined, speckled, or plain, depending on the style you want to achieve for your space.

  4. Assess Space and Design Compatibility:

  5. Size: Consider the size of the area you want to floor with marble. Larger areas generally benefit from larger tile sizes, while smaller spaces may look better with smaller tiles.

  6. Interior Design Style: Match the marble flooring with the overall design concept of your space. Whether it’s a traditional, modern, or contemporary style, choose a marble type that blends harmoniously.

  7. Ensure Quality and Durability:

  8. Reputable Supplier: Select a trusted supplier or manufacturer who offers high-quality marble. Check their reputation, customer reviews, and visit their showroom if possible.

  9. Physical Examination: Inspect the marble samples physically to assess the quality, finish, and texture. Look for any signs of damage, cracks, or defects.
  10. Durability: Inquire about the marble’s durability and suitability for your specific application. For high-traffic areas, choose a more durable variety of marble.

  11. Maintenance Requirements:

  12. Sealing: Determine whether the marble tile needs sealing to protect it from stains and damage. Some marbles are more porous and require regular sealing.

  13. Cleaning: Understand the cleaning and maintenance requirements of the chosen marble. Mild, pH-neutral cleansers are typically recommended to prevent damage or discoloration.

  14. Pricing and Budget:

  15. Set a budget range for your marble flooring and explore various options within that range. Consider not only the cost of the marble itself but also the installation expenses.

  16. Request quotes from different suppliers to compare prices. Ensure you get a breakdown of costs, including any additional charges for cutting, edging, or customized designs.
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Quote: “Marble is not only a timeless, luxurious material but also a powerful element that can transform any space into a work of art.” – Unknown

Interesting Facts:

  1. Marble has been used as a building material since ancient times, with notable examples like the Taj Mahal in India and the Parthenon in Greece.
  2. The most famous type of marble in India is Makrana marble, known for its pure white color and high quality.
  3. Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed from the re-crystallization of limestone under extreme heat and pressure.
  4. India is one of the largest producers and exporters of marble, offering a wide variety of types, colors, and patterns.
  5. Marble flooring is not only visually appealing but also known for its durability, longevity, and ability to withstand high foot traffic.


Factors to Consider Description
Aesthetic Preferences Color and pattern selection based on personal taste and design scheme.
Space and Design Compatibility Consider the size of the area and match the flooring with the overall design style.
Quality and Durability Choose a reputable supplier and inspect physical samples for quality. Inquire about durability.
Maintenance Requirements Understand sealing needs and cleaning/maintenance practices for the chosen marble.
Pricing and Budget Set a budget, compare prices from multiple suppliers, and consider additional costs.

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Consider Its Physical Features. Before picking marble slabs, make sure the surface is free of stains and cracks. Keep an eye out too for marble providers supplying artificially-coloured products as these often start fading soon after installation.

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Which Indian marble is best for flooring? Some of the best marble for flooring include the Indian green marble, Makrana and Ambaji marble from Gujarat and Banswara and Jaisalmer stone, also known as yellow marble. They are known for their durability and their elegant white and gold hues and are some of the best marble in India.

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Subsequently, What is the average cost of marble flooring in India?
Response will be: Interested in buying a home?

Types of Marble Cost of marble per square foot
White Indian Statuario Marble Flooring Price Rs. 1,400- Rs. 2,500
Udaipur Pink Marble Flooring Price Rs. 50- Rs. 60
Dark Green Marble Flooring Price Rs. 65 – Rs. 75
Goldino Marble Flooring Price Rs. 90- Rs. 100

Regarding this, Is marble from India good quality? In reply to that: Indian marble has medium lustre and is a relatively harder stone. In terms of sustainability, it is the best marble for flooring in India.

Keeping this in view, What are the sizes of marble for flooring in India? In reply to that: Marble Tiles Size

Marble Tiles Size Size in MM
Large Marble Tiles 1200x1800mm 1000x1000mm 800x2400mm 800x1600mm 800x1200mm 800x800mm 600x1200mm
Regular Marble Tiles 600x600mm 300x600mm 300x450mm 395x395mm
Small Marble Tiles 300x300mm 250x375mm 200x300mm
Plank Marble Tiles 300x1200mm 200x1200mm

Consequently, What are the best marble flooring design ideas for Indian homes? The response is: This is one of the latest marble flooring design ideas that has taken Indian homes by storm. Straight-lay marble tiles with veined patterns add drama and visual interest to the crisp drawing room. In fact, if you’re still on the fence about marble vs tiles, you can opt for a marble looking tile. They lend it a flowy yet edgy feel. 8.

In this way, How much does Italian marble flooring cost in India?
Answer to this: Due to the obvious import tag on Italian marbles, Italian marble flooring price can range anywhere from Rs. 50 to 400 marble flooring cost per sq ft in India, depending on the quality, colour and cut of the slabs, as compared to the much cheaper Rs 80 marble flooring cost per sq ft in India for Indian marble stone price.

Furthermore, Where to buy marble slabs in India?
One can choose from Makrana, Calacatta, Andhi, Rajnagar, Ambaji, Katni Beige, Udaipur Pink and many other marble stones that are native to the country. You can pick marble slabs local to your area or can get them imported, too. Indian Natural Stones is an ISO-certified marble manufacturer and supplier in India.

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People also ask, Should I use Indian statuario marble instead of Italian marble?
As an answer to this: Italian Statuario marble is frequently requested for flooring by our homeowners, but because it is so expensive, they often ask us to use Indian Statuario marble instead of Italian marble to meet their budget. White veins encircle the white base of the White Indian Statuario Marble.

Secondly, How much does marble flooring cost in India?
Answer will be: The cost of laying is only a part of the total Indian or Italian marble flooring cost per sq.ft. in India. The laying cost of Indian marble is approximately ₹140 per sq. ft. Post laying, normal polishing is done which is another ₹59 per sq. ft. For Italian marble, the laying cost is ₹255 per sq. ft. approx.

How to choose a marble floor design?
As a response to this: If the idea of a single motif doesn’t seem appealing to you, go for an expansive marble flooring design like this. This marble design in the hall draws one’s eye to the centre of the room using lines or striations. Moreover, you can also emphasise the marble design by adding a chandelier or a pedestal table at the centre. 7.

Should I use Indian statuario marble instead of Italian marble?
Italian Statuario marble is frequently requested for flooring by our homeowners, but because it is so expensive, they often ask us to use Indian Statuario marble instead of Italian marble to meet their budget. White veins encircle the white base of the White Indian Statuario Marble.

How to care for marble flooring?
As for other care instructions, you should also remember to have your marble floors sealed and polished every few years to ensure that they remain non-porous, durable and non-slippery. In India, marble is a very popular choice for flooring. That’s because marble is associated with opulence, beauty and transcendence.

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