What is indian red passport?

The Indian red passport alludes to the customary travel document granted to Indian citizens seeking to explore the world beyond their borders. Adorned in a vibrant shade of red, this emblematic document symbolizes an unassuming gateway to embark on global adventures.

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The Indian crimson passport stands as a unique testament to the wanderlust of Indian citizens, granting them the opportunity to traverse the vast expanse of the globe. With its resplendent, scarlet cover, it serves as a poignant representation of their national identity, a shimmering emblem that is revered and acknowledged across the far reaches of the earth. This coveted travel document bestows upon its holders the chance to embark upon a transformative journey, one that unveils the myriad tapestries of culture and nature that exist beyond their native soil.

Interesting Facts about the Indian Red Passport:

  1. Color Symbolism: The choice of the color red for the Indian passport has a cultural significance. In Indian culture, red is often associated with energy, strength, and auspiciousness. The red passport is a representation of the country’s rich heritage and the bold spirit of its people.

  2. Machine-Readable Passport: The Indian red passport is a machine-readable document that contains biometric information such as the holder’s photograph, fingerprints, and personal details. This enables automated border control systems to process the passport efficiently.

  3. Different Types: The Indian Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) issues three different types of passports to cater to the varying needs of Indian citizens. These include the Ordinary Passport, Official Passport (for government officials), and Diplomatic Passport (for diplomats and high-ranking officials).

  4. Passport Booklet: The red passport usually consists of up to 36 pages, although a jumbo variant with 60 pages is also available for frequent travelers. These pages can be used for visas, entry/exit stamps, and other travel-related endorsements.

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Famous Quote:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Table: Why Having an Indian Red Passport is Beneficial

Benefits Explanation
Global Recognition The Indian red passport is accepted and recognized worldwide.
Visa-Free Travel Opportunities Indian citizens can avail visa-free travel or visa on arrival to several countries.
Easy Entry and Exit The passport facilitates hassle-free entry and exit at airports.
Consular Assistance Embassies and consulates provide assistance to Indian passport holders abroad.
Identity and National Pride The red passport represents the cultural identity and pride of India.
Connectivity and Exploration It serves as a gateway for Indians to explore different cultures and destinations abroad.

Having an Indian red passport enables citizens to freely explore and connect with the diverse world. As Ibn Battuta beautifully expressed, it turns them into storytellers, inviting them to share their unforgettable experiences and broaden their perspectives.

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In the YouTube video titled “15. Why do I have three diplomatic passports?”, the speaker delves into the purpose and implications of diplomatic passports. While these passports offer benefits such as protection and visa-free entry, the speaker explains that outside of official duties, they can be burdensome and lead to questioning and delays. As a result, the speaker expresses a preference for a normal passport unless actively engaged in government-related work.

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The diplomatic passport in India is given to people who are either diplomats in the nation or who are traveling abroad on government business. The diplomatic passport has a separate cover which is deep red in hue.

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Interesting: The official passport photo size in India is 51mmx51mm (2*2inch). This dimension is used by the Indian citizen for the process of applying for a passport. The unofficial size for Indian passport photos is the "unofficial size". These are the ones we get from our local passport photo studio.
Wondering what, Passport Reference File Number is basically a unique number provided to all applicants when they apply for an Indian passport. This number helps an individual in tracking the status of their passport application. Where can I find my reference number for DFA?
Did you know that, It is used to track and manage files and documents within the Indian government. The file number is assigned by the India Central Passport Authority and is printed on the passport. The file number is a unique number given to each individual’s passport. The file number is located on the data page of your passport under the “Document Number” heading.

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Beside above, Who are given red passport in India?
Response to this: A diplomatic passport is issued to a diplomat or an official travelling overseas for government duties. In this, individuals receive “Type D” passports that come in a maroon cover. It is different from a normal passport with a dark blue cover and applicable for ordinary citizens (including VIP residents).

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Also asked, What does a red passport mean? Response will be: 1. Red / Burgundy passport. It is the colour chosen by countries with a current or previous communist system. Citizens of China, Serbia, Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Georgia for example, have their passports in this color.

People also ask, Which Colour passport is powerful in India?
White Passport
White Passport
It’s one of the most powerful passports for which government officials are the eligible recipients.

Also, Does USA have red passport?
Those who travel with the red U.S. passport are members of Congress, members of the military, family members of military personnel, and any other private citizen who might be conducting international travel at the request of the government. A red passport is only issued to people who are at least 18 years of age.

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