Asked by you — is Air India public listed?

Yes, Air India is a public listed company.

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Air India, the flag carrier airline of India, is indeed a public listed company. It is owned by Air India Limited, a government-owned enterprise that operates under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Air India was initially established as a public limited company on March 30, 2007, under the Companies Act, 1956. It was formed as a result of the merger of Air India, the international carrier, and Indian Airlines, the domestic carrier.

One interesting fact about Air India is its rich history, which dates back to October 15, 1932, when it began operations as Tata Airlines. Over the years, the airline expanded its services and network, becoming a prestigious brand in the aviation industry.

In 1994, the government of India introduced the concept of disinvestment, allowing private companies to hold up to 40% of the paid-up capital in Air India. However, the government held the majority stake of 60%. This disinvestment strategy allowed Air India to become a public listed company.

To illustrate the structure of Air India Limited, here is a table showcasing the ownership distribution as of March 31, 2021:

Shareholder Percentage of ownership
President of India 100%
President of India (Promoter group) 100%

In the words of aviation legend Amelia Earhart, “The air is the only place free from prejudices.” This quote highlights the significance of the aviation industry in promoting inclusivity and connectivity across the globe.

In conclusion, Air India is a public listed company, providing valuable air transportation services to passengers around the world. Its history, ownership structure, and vision for the future contribute to its status as a prominent player in the aviation industry.

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Air India is not listed because it is a government-owned and state-run national flag airline. Air India is owned by the Government of India, and its headquarters are located in New Delhi. As such, it is not eligible to be listed on public stock exchanges.

In 1948, Air India became a public listed company and launched Air India International with flights to Europe in one of the first public-private partnerships in the country.

After the war in 1946, Tata’s full scheduled service was restored and it became a public company listed as Air India.

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Air India recently made history by placing the largest order ever for new aircraft, totaling 470 planes split between Boeing and Airbus. The deal, which includes 190 Boeing 737 Max aircraft and 210 Airbus A320 Neo aircraft, is not only significant for the airlines but also for the suppliers involved, such as GE and Spirit Aero Systems. With each aircraft having a list price of $35 billion, this order represents a substantial portion of the backlogs for both Boeing and Airbus. However, the real challenge lies in the supply chain and whether suppliers can ramp up production to meet the heightened demand. Overall, this massive order is viewed as a positive development, boosting both Boeing and Airbus stocks and cash flow.

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Did you know that, That deal gives Tata a fleet of 218 aircraft, cementing Air India as the country’s largest international carrier and second largest in the domestic market after leader IndiGo (INGL.NS) Buying debt-ridden Air India has also given Tata access to valuable flying rights and landing slots, especially to destinations in the United States and Europe.
And did you know: Air India was founded in 1932 as Tata Airlines. The carrier changed its name to Air India in 1946 and has since become the flag carrier of India and the third largest domestic airline in the country. It operates routes to over 90 domestic and international destinations and is a member of Star Alliance. The airline ranks 28th among major airlines for on-time arrival performance.
And did you know that, Air India has a total of 118 aircraft in its fleet. Both Airbus and Boeing aircraft are used, and the largest plane in the fleet is the Boeing 777, used for international flights. Air India is currently looking to restructure its fleet to provide more effective global operations.

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Is Air India listed in stock market? The reply will be: Air India is not a listed entity on the Indian stock market, so it will not be possible for you to invest in Air India shares or check the Air India share price. While the Tata Group has several listed stocks such as Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Power, etc., Air India is not a part of that list.

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Regarding this, What are the market shares of Air India?
Air India then had a market share of close to 13 per cent. Notably, India’s newest airline Akasa Air flew 11.38 lakh passengers in Jan-Mar 2023 quarter, earning a 3 per cent market share.

Beside this, Which airlines are publicly owned in India? IndiGo, Air India, Spicejet, Go First and Vistara, AIX Connect are the major carriers in order of their market share. These airlines connect more than 80 cities across India and also operate overseas routes after the liberalisation of Indian aviation.

In this manner, Is Air India a part of Star Alliance?
Answer will be: Earn Points with Star Alliance partner flights | Air India.

Also, What is IPO page of Air India Ltd?
The IPO page of Air India Ltd. captures the details on its Issue Open Date, Issue Close Date, Listing Date, Face Value, Price band, Issue Size, Issue Type, and Listing Date’s Open Price, High Price, Low Price, Close price and Volume. It also captures the Holding Period Returns and Annual Returns.

Additionally, Who owns Air India Limited?
It was previously a central public sector undertaking under the ownership of Ministry of Civil Aviation. It was incorporated on 30 March 2007 as the National Aviation Company of India Limited to oversee the merger of Air India, Indian Airlines and Alliance Air. It was renamed as Air India Limited on 26 October 2010.

Also Know, Does AirAsia India have a primary airline? Upon completion of remaining stake sale in AirAsia India by AirAsia Bhd on 2 November 2022 there is now one primary airline, Air India, with two divisions ( AirAsia India and Air India Express) carriers providing low-cost point-to-point services.

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Similarly one may ask, Which countries does Air India serve?
Its network spans across various destinations in Asia, North America, Africa, Europe and Oceania. The countries served the most by Air India include the United States with 5 destinations, and the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia with 3 destinations each.

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