The Forgotten Empire: Unveiling the Birth of the French East India Company in India

The French East India Company was established in India in the year 1664.

When was french east india company established india?

The French East India Company, known as La Compagnie française des Indes orientales in French, was established in India in the year 1664. This trading company was formed with the objective of expanding French influence and trade in the East Indies, including India.

Interesting facts about the French East India Company and its establishment in India include:

  1. Motivated by the desire to challenge Portuguese and Dutch dominance in the Indian Ocean trade, the French East India Company was officially granted a royal charter by Louis XIV on September 1, 1664.

  2. The company’s establishment in India was not limited to a single location. They established trading posts and settlements in various parts of India, including Pondicherry (now Puducherry), Chandannagar, Mahe, Yanam, and Karikal.

  3. Pondicherry became the most prominent French settlement in India and served as the capital of French India until its capture by the British in 1761.

  4. The French East India Company played a significant role in the expansion of French territories in India. They successfully competed with the British East India Company for trade and influence, particularly in the Carnatic region of South India.

  5. One of the notable figures associated with the French East India Company in India was François Martin. He served as the first governor of Pondicherry and laid the foundation for its development as a major French trading hub.

  6. The company not only engaged in trade but also established diplomatic ties with Indian rulers, including the Nawabs of the Carnatic region.

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As Albert Camus once said, “Empires, like young men, have their own heroes.” The establishment of the French East India Company in India marked a significant chapter in the history of European colonialism and the pursuit of trade and influence in the East Indies. Its presence in India played a role in shaping the dynamics of European colonial rivalries and their impact on the Indian subcontinent.

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1 September 1664French East India Company

Company flag
Coat of arms Motto: Florebo quocumque ferar Latin for "I will flourish wherever I will be brought"
Type Public State-owned enterprise
Industry Trade
Founded 1 September 1664

The French East India Company ( French: Compagnie française pour le commerce des Indes orientales) was a joint-stock company founded in France on 1 September 1664 to compete with the English (later British) and Dutch trading companies in the East Indies. [1]

Six decades after the establishment of foreign trading companies like the ‘British East India’ and the ‘Dutch East India,’ France too entered India with a business proposal and later founded the ‘French East India Company’ in 1664.

Ans: French East India Company was formed in 1664.

FRENCH EAST INDIA COMPANY The French East India Company (La Compagnie Française des Indes Orientales), was founded as a monopoly by royal edict of Louis XIV in 1664 at the strong urging of his finance minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert.

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Where did French East India Company established in India?

In 1664 the French East India Company was formed to trade with India. They established their first factory at Surat in 1668, and in 1669, they built another factory at Masaulipatam.

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Why was the French East India Company established?

During the reign of king Louis XVI in 1664 AD, the French East India company was formed mainly with the aim of establishing trade with India.

When and where was the first French company established in India?

Response to this: In 1668, the first French factory was established in Surat.

Where was the French India Company?

The Company became established in India at Chandernagore in 1673, Pondicherry in 1699, Mahé in 1725 and Karikal in 1738. The Company almost went bankrupt during the early years in India, but was reorganized by John Law, a Scottish economist and economic advisor to the French crown.

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