Who was india’s first woman foreign secretary?

Chokila Iyer was India’s first woman foreign secretary.

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India’s first woman foreign secretary was Chokila Iyer, who held this prestigious position from January 2001 to April 2002. Chokila Iyer, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer from the 1966 batch, broke barriers and paved the way for many women in the field of diplomacy.

Chokila Iyer’s appointment as India’s first woman foreign secretary was a significant milestone for gender equality and the empowerment of women in the Indian bureaucracy. She exemplified dedication, intelligence, and outstanding diplomatic skills throughout her career, leaving a lasting impact on the country’s foreign policy.

In addition to being the first woman foreign secretary, Chokila Iyer achieved several noteworthy accomplishments. She served as the ambassador to several countries, including Turkey, Sweden, and Austria. Her expertise in international relations and understanding of various cultures made her a valuable asset to India’s external affairs.

Here are some interesting facts about Chokila Iyer and her groundbreaking career:

  1. Chokila Iyer joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 1966 and served in various capacities before assuming the role of foreign secretary.
  2. She played a crucial role in establishing bilateral relations with many countries during her tenure as India’s foreign secretary.
  3. Chokila Iyer was known for her exceptional negotiation skills and ability to handle complex diplomatic issues.
  4. She received several accolades and awards throughout her career, recognizing her contribution to diplomacy and public service.
  5. Chokila Iyer’s appointment as the first woman foreign secretary opened doors for more women to pursue careers in the Indian Foreign Service.

Reflecting on the significance of Chokila Iyer’s appointment as India’s first woman foreign secretary, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee beautifully stated, “The appointment of Chokila Iyer is a milestone in the history of Indian diplomacy. This will send a positive signal to our society and encourage bright women to join the government services.”


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India’s First Woman Foreign Secretary

Notable Achievements
– Ambassador to Turkey, Sweden,
and Austria
– Outstanding negotiation skills
– Key role in establishing
bilateral relations
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– Opened doors for women in the
Indian Foreign Service
– Positive signal for women in
society to pursue government

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Who was the first woman to join Indian Foreign Service?
The response is: This assumption would be mistaken. The first woman to join the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1949 was C.B Muthamma. Prior to her, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit was appointed as the first woman ambassador of India to the Soviet Union in 1947.
What is the term of Foreign Secretary of India?
Two years, term can be extended. The foreign secretary of India ( IAST: Videśa Saciva) is the top diplomat of India and administrative head of the Ministry of External Affairs. This post is held by an Indian foreign service officer of the rank of secretary to the government of India.
Who was India's first female cabinet minister?
Answer will be: In her decades-long political career, Swaraj, a former advocate, has many firsts to her credit: she became the youngest ever Cabinet Minister in the country when she was barely 25 years old in 1977. Swaraj was the first female spokesperson of a national political party in India.
Will India have a female foreign minister?
Response will be: Swaraj, who was sworn in as a Cabinet minister at a glittering ceremony at the presidential palace in Delhi, will take charge of the foreign office in South Block May 27. This is the first time India will have a female foreign minister as well as female foreign secretary at the same time.
Who is India's first female Foreign Secretary?
The reply will be: In 2001, Chokila Iyer became the first female foreign secretary of India, an appointment that was stymied in murmurs about how she was a safe choice for the office but not the preferred one. Since then only two more women have occupied the highest office in the service: Nirupama Menon Rao (2009-2011) and Sujatha Singh (2013-2015).
Who was the first woman to join Indian Civil Services?
As an answer to this: Muthammabecame the first woman to join the Indian Civil Services by clearing the UPSC examination in 1948. She finished at the top of the list of candidates who has applied for the Indian Foreign Service that year and went on to join the service in 1949.
Who was the first female IFS officer in India?
CHOKILA IYERA1964 batch IFS officer. She has the distinction of being India’s first female Foreign Secretary. Also worked as member of the UPSC and Vice Chairperson of National Commission for Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes. MEIRA KUMARThe first woman Speaker of the LOK SABHA was a 1970 batch IFS officer.
Will India have a female foreign minister?
Swaraj, who was sworn in as a Cabinet minister at a glittering ceremony at the presidential palace in Delhi, will take charge of the foreign office in South Block May 27. This is the first time India will have a female foreign minister as well as female foreign secretary at the same time.

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And did you know that, The Foreign Secretary is the political head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and responsible for Britain’s relations with foreign governments and states. The post of Foreign Secretary was created as a Cabinet post in 1782 with responsibilities for all foreign affairs except that of India.
You knew that, Foreign secretaries are experienced officers of the Indian Foreign Service who have been ambassadors to various countries. A member of the Indian Foreign Service and a career diplomat is usually appointed to this post. Vinay Mohan Kwatra served as a desk officer at the United Nations Headquarters between 1993 and 2003.
Theme Fact: In the UK, for example, the Minister of Foreign Affairs is called Foreign Secretary. In India, they are different. In addition to having a Foreign Minister, there is a Foreign Secretary in India. The current Foreign Minister of India, Dr. S Jaishankar, served as Foreign Secretary to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.
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