You enquired — how can I get my degree certificate from Mumbai University?

In order to acquire your esteemed degree certificate from the esteemed Mumbai University, it is imperative that you direct your request to the esteemed examination section of the university. Complete the obligatory application form, append the requisite documents, and remunerate the prescribed fee. Following the meticulous verification procedure, you shall be bestowed with the honor of retrieving your coveted certificate from the university’s hallowed halls.

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To obtain a degree certificate from Mumbai University, you will need to follow a specific procedure outlined by the examination section of the university. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can acquire your degree certificate:

  1. Contact the Examination Section: Reach out to the examination section of Mumbai University either in person, by phone, or through email. They will provide you with the necessary information and guidance regarding the application process for obtaining your degree certificate.

  2. Gather Required Documents: Collect all the essential documents that are required to apply for the degree certificate. These typically include your original mark sheets, provisional certificate, transfer certificate, migration certificate (if applicable), and any other documents specified by the university.

  3. Complete the Application Form: Obtain the application form from the examination section or download it from the official Mumbai University website. Fill in the form accurately, providing all the required personal details such as your name, address, contact information, University enrollment number, and course details.

  4. Attach Requisite Documents: Attach all the necessary documents mentioned in Step 2 along with your completed application form. Ensure that you make photocopies of all the original documents for submission, as the university might retain them for verification purposes.

  5. Pay the Prescribed Fee: Each university sets a specific fee for issuing degree certificates. Check with the examination section to determine the exact amount and the accepted modes of payment. Make the payment as per the university’s guidelines and keep the payment receipt safely for future reference.

  6. Submit the Application: Once you have completed the application form, attached the required documents, and made the payment, submit your application packet to the examination section of Mumbai University. You may need to do this in person or send the documents through registered mail, depending on the university’s instructions.

  7. Verification Process: After submitting your application, the examination section will initiate a meticulous verification procedure to authenticate the documents and ensure the accuracy of the information provided. This process may take a few weeks to complete, so it is advisable to be patient while waiting for the verification to be done.

  8. Certificate Collection: Once the verification process is successfully completed, you will be notified by the examination section to collect your degree certificate. Visit the university as per the instructions provided and collect your coveted certificate from the designated office.

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As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what you do today.” Therefore, it is crucial to take the necessary steps promptly and accurately in order to obtain your degree certificate from Mumbai University.

Interesting Facts about Degree Certificates:

  • Degree certificates serve as important credentials, validating the successful completion of a specific academic program.
  • Mumbai University, also known as the University of Mumbai, is one of the oldest and premier universities in India, dating back to 1857.
  • The university offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs in various disciplines.
  • Mumbai University has garnered a rich legacy and houses notable alumni, including prominent politicians, actors, scientists, and business leaders.
  • The issuance of degree certificates signifies the culmination of years of academic endeavors and stands as a significant milestone in one’s educational journey.

Table Example:

| Document | Status |

| Original Mark Sheets | Attached |
| Provisional Certificate | Attached |
| Transfer Certificate | Attached |
| Migration Certificate | Not Applicable |

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  1. Any candidate who has passed any examination from this University can apply for the duplicate.
  2. Copy of statement of marks, passing/special certificate, degree certificate, etc.
  3. Application must be submitted in prescribed form with prescribed fees to the TAPAL Counter.

Steps to Get Mumbai University Certificate/ UOM Provisional Degree Certificate

  • Go to official website
  • Click on link for provisional certificate.
  • Select the College Name.
  • Enter Register Number & other details.

Students will be able to access their degree certificates digitally by registering on the Digilocker website. Earlier, University Grants Commission (UGC) had asked all educational institutions to store the academic credentials of their past and presents students on Digilocker through NAD. How can students access the certificates online?

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Does Mumbai University provide provisional degree certificate?
Response: Mumbai University graduate will now get provisional degree certificates along with their marksheets so that they can immediately start applying for jobs or post graduate courses. Currently, they get their degree certificates at the convocation, which is often delayed.
How can I get my Mumbai University degree certificate online?
Response to this: University of Mumbai

  1. Select Student Registration. or Third Party Registration.
  2. Register with your. complete information.
  3. Authenticate yourself. with your email ID.
  4. Update all required fields. Ensure the details are the.
  5. Upload ALL Semester mark. sheets.
  6. Pay the required. e-verification fees online,
  7. e-Verification report.
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How to download degree certificate from DigiLocker Mumbai University?
If a student has no Digi locker account, please open it at After login in to Digi locker, the student must click on Issued documents. The student will go to the education section and click on view all. The student will click on the degree / Diploma certificate tab.
How to get duplicate degree certificate from Mumbai University online?
Just visit our portal, understand the requirements for desired certificate, visit service center with required documents and fees. Operator will fill up respective form online and you will get the receipt for the same. Desired certificate will be delivered at your doorstep within a specific timeframe.
How to go to Mumbai University?
1. Visit Mumbai University Personally (Recommended option) This is the most easy and hassle free way, if you are in India and okay to go to Mumbai University. Prepare following documents: First Information Report (FIR) from police station. Visit the nearest Police Station where your Educational documents are lost.
How many degree certificates are there in Mumbai University?
Response will be: Over 12 million degree certificates from Mumbai University (MU) are now available in digital format at the national academic archive (NAD). The certificates are for students who graduated from the university during the academic years of 2014 and 2020. How do companies verify degrees in India?
How can nriway help in getting Mumbai university degree certificate?
In reply to that: Anyone can apply for verification of original / copy of University documents like degree certificate, certificate of passing, statement of marks, special certificate etc. Applicants should submit two copies of each document to be got verified.
How to get duplicate documents from Mumbai University?
Response to this: Submit request for duplicate documents personally be going to Mumbai University. Take Auto Rickshaw Or Cab to take you to “Kalina University”. Nearest railway station is SANTACRUZ (Western Railway) or KURLA (Central Railway) Arrive Kalina University by 9:30 AM (It opens at 9:30, with lunch break from 1 to 1:30, Payment accepted till 2 PM..

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